It’s catalogue season!

I was talking with a friend of mine from Carb-i-tool the other day, and their new 2008 catalogue has just hit the streets.

It’s about 30 pages larger than the previous one – lots of new bits! so that will be good to go through. I should get it in the mail in the next day or so (and it was!), and from there we’ll have to see what new router-bits-of-the-month we can find. (Carb-i-tool have always been a generous supporter of Stu’s Shed).

Their new catalogue will be on their website in about a month or so – at this stage it is still the 2007 one.

One part that has changed that I’m aware of – the wheel cutter (featured here a few months ago) has had a design change, and has a new hub design. So I hope to bring you some more details of that. The old cutters are still available, but once current stock is depleted, they won’t be replaced.

***Update*** The wheel now has a hub that finishes inline with the edge of the wheel. It means that now if you place two wheels side-by-side, the hubs will touch, more like what you’d expect in a real wheel. The change has been made as a direct response to the feedback that Carb-i-tool has received about their wheel cutters.***

There is a lot of development in diamond bits as well (for ceramics, marble, glass etc), so it will be interesting to see what is being done on that front.

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