Shed upgrade progress

As mentioned recently, I am in the latter stages of a significant upgrade to the whole workshop. It has been taking quite a bit of energy (which has reflected here with the lack of video production!) and there is more progress required, but I see some light at the end of the tunnel.

There are a number of steps involved in the process, which first became apparent to the outside world with the sudden appearance of a number of workshop items on Ebay. This freed up some revenue, and space, and probably most importantly, I was able to start thinking about, and working towards the transition.

The tablesaw debate is drawing to a conclusion and I hope to have it finalised very soon.

I have sourced some materials that make the modifications to the actual shed affordable, so have been drawing up a number of plans to best utilise the materials I have. The shed won’t be optimum, but then, it is a real shed, not some ideal thing that none of us could realistically expect to have. Sure, I’d love something 10 x 15 metres, with a mezzanine, an office etc, wood heater, insulation, stylish external walls looking like a log cabin or whatever, but I will work with what I have.

So the plan from here is:

Rebuild the shed walls, increasing the total area to 8×4(ish), including better drainage around the outside (a long term problem I’ve had is leaks, and floods – pretty frustrating knowing good tools are at risk). Look into the possibility of insulation.

Recommission the dust extraction system, including fixed 4″ trunking including blast gates leading to each machine. Investigate replacing and upgrading the existing dust extractor – 750W does not supply a sufficient flow rate, particularly for planers and thicknessers.

Introduce a new tablesaw to its new home 🙂

Investigate the possibility of an air cleaner unit – dust extraction is all very well, but I want to improve the overall air quality.

Build new storage units (in part replacing the current blue boxes of parts/nails/screws etc), as well as improved hand tool storage. I have a number of plans for modular systems that look pretty suitable, and it’d be nice to actually fabricate a system, rather than my current ad-hoc ones.

Onward and upward.

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