Possible Shed Expansion

As quite a few are aware, I operate in a pretty cramped shed.  It’s 6x3m, but rather full, and when you factor in the space needed for the video cameras and lights etc, it gets rather tight indeed.  Frustratingly so.

I have been considering the options for expansion, not that it would be able to grow much – the maximum size I can get to really is 8x4m, 8×5 at a push.  I’m not adverse to reusing the tin from the existing shed in the expansion either, which could mean that all I need is a new roof, with the existing converted to walls.

The show-stopper for me is being able to afford it.  So what I was wondering is: does anyone know of a source of cheap (or free) materials that would be suitable, or ideally, know anyone in the shed business who’d be interested in sponsoring the expansion, with obvious credits etc on http://www.stusshed.com  There are some advertising opportunities, both on the site, and in the videos that could be negotiated.

Anyway, just thought I’d ask on that offchance.

(I also have to increase the concrete slab, and get some more power down there, something in the order of 240V 40A 1Ph)

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