Some AMAZING saw blade prices

Just had a little heads-up about some Triton saw blades going at-cost on an eBay store.  I’m not sure who the seller is, but I have a feeling they will prove to be on the level (given the source of the tip-off).

There are 235mm 20, 40 and 60 teeth blades for around $14 – $16.  New, and all buy-it-now only: no auction.

Also 210mm, 184mm.  There are premium (alternating top bevel) and triple cut blades available. There are also a stack of (non-Triton) blades for about $4.  Seeing as some of these triple-cut blades used to sell for around $100 retail!

Some of those cool looking high-powered GMC torches, GMC scrollsaw and a few other bits and pieces (tools).

I don’t have anything to do with this store btw (at least as far as I know!!)

Carbatec Catalogue

Bugger.  Is my wallet going to suffer!

The new catalog (hardcopy) is now dangerously in my hands (so I can stop wearing a trail between the house and the letterbox). So many new products, so little shed space…..  There’s over 100 new pages from what I can see, including 40 or so just on CMT router bits, saw blades and planer blades.  Already I see a Screw Slot bit that looks quite interesting – this is going to take ages to get through.  I might need 2 highlighters!

It looks to be printed on a much thinner paper than in the past, so it doesn’t actually look bigger than previously, but I imagine that is primarily to save on postage, seeing as these get mailed out all over the place at no cost.

Damn – just passing the Festool pages…… (note to Carbatec – the catalogue needs to be more waterproof…..!)

Now just to mark up the copy, and ‘accidentally’ leave it lying around the house……

BTW – you can download a full PDF (45MB) of the catalog by clicking on this image.   

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