Some minor site modifications

After being prompted by one of the very helpful (and (hyper) active) members of the WordPress forums (the software behind this blog), I have made some amendments to how the site can be seen to (hopefully) significantly speed up the loading time, and therefore decrease any potential frustration from how slow this blog becomes when I talk too much (and take too many photos!)

So what I have done (and will be assessing to ensure that the visitor experience is not compromised), is decrease the number of posts /articles that appear on each page from 25 to 15, and at the same time, have shortened the articles as you see them by including at the end of long posts a “Click here to read the full article” link.

However, I’ve decided not to do this for the latest post, verbose or not, so if you are a regular reader, you will still get to see the most recent article in its entirety on the front page, and only older articles will you need to follow the link to read the full length.

Please feel free (and please do!) post any comments here about this change, whether you find it good or bad, whether it improves your experience of the site or not. After all, I only make these changes to try to improve your experience of this site!

BTW – Thanks to Timethief for the suggestions!

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