Carbatec Catalogue Arrives Early

I’ve just been told that the Carbatec catalogue has come in early, so I’m off to set up camp beside my letterbox, marker pen (for circling all those tools I can’t live without) in hand, and a spare in the pocket!

For those not on the mailing list, they are always available in-store.

One Day Router Course – The Wrap

I was very fortunate to be generously invited to attend the One Day Router Workshop, run by a very recognisable personality in Australian Woodworking – Richard Vaughan. The course was organised by Professional Woodworker Supplies and the Woodworking Warehouse.


The course was well attended (and fully booked), so it was not only a good day to pick the brains of a professional woodworker, buy lots of well discounted tools, but also just have an enjoyable day hanging out with and meeting fellow woodworking aficionados.


There were jigs, jigs, door prizes, more jigs, more door prizes, many sighs of enlightenment, and a few more jigs.

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