Unorthodox Triton Router Table Mod Part 2 (Accessories)

With the table upgrade, the table accessories also need to be adjusted to cope with the additional 3mm extra table height. This is achieved easily by adding shims made out of the offcuts from the aluminium of the new top.

Triton Finger Jointer
The finger jointer is the hardest, only because of the amount of dismantling required.
The sliding plate is removed to give access to the hold-down hardware.


Photo 1 – Removing the Finger Jointer Plate

Next, the hardware that holds the finger jointer down is removed.


Photo 2 – Removing the hardware

New shims are cut, and holes drilled in each.


Photo 3 – Preparing the new shims

Once again, the original hole is used to determine the correct drill bit. The shims are placed directly under the plastic sliders and hold-downs. As these are the only parts that contact the table and determine the height of the jig, then these are the only components that need shimming.


Photo 4 – The new shims in position


Photo 5 – The resulting modified finger jointer

MDF Slider
The same method is applied to the MDF slider.


Photo 6 – Shims on the MDF slider


Photo 7 – The slider in position, ready to be put into use.

Biscuit Joiner
The final accessory that needs upgrading is the biscuit joiner. This takes a slightly different (easier) approach. A shim is needed between the MDF and the main biscuit cutter rail. Only 2 bolts hold the two components together.


Photo 8 – The Cutter Rail removed

The shim is cut to length & width, and two holes cut for the bolts.


Photo 9 – The shim in position

Everything is bolted back together, and is ready to go.


Photo 10 – The biscuit cutter in place

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