First Look at the Triton 16″ Scrollsaw (updated)

Got to have a first look at the new Triton 16″ Scrollsaw, so I thought I’d bring you a few pics of it. I haven’t had a chance to do anything with it as yet, but that didn’t stop me getting out the camera. I’m not a scrollsaw expert by any stretch of the imagination, but you have to start somewhere!

This is a tilting, variable speed scrollsaw with active dust collection, and some other neat features to make things a little more convenient. (Blowers, lights and the like).


So a bit of a tour. The first thing is a huge flatbed, cast aluminium, and non-tilting. On this unit, the arm and mechanism tilts, the table, and therefore the workpiece doesn’t have to. The arm itself is fully encased, so there isn’t the same exposure to the vibrating arm that I have on my little GMC scrollsaw. Despite being aluminium, the machine is pleasantly heavy – a benchtop machine should weigh like it is serious to my mind.

On the front, there is a speed dial and on/off switch. The speed dial provides a range of about 400 to 1200 strokes per minute, and is a mechanical design, so there is no loss in power at slow speeds.


On the side of the unit, you can see the quick blade release, and the arm that supports the blower unit, that keeps the work area dust-free. There is a working light in the head of the unit as well. From this angle, you can see the size of this thing. that is my router table under there, and this scrollsaw takes up the full width, and then some.

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