Dare I Admit?

That I started doing a bit of cleaning around the shed today?  Found a whole heap of amazing stuff that I completely forgot that I had!

On another matter, I’m working through (in my head) an idea for the site – another page like Stu’s Shed TV which will be SSC-TV (although I haven’t come up with a good name as yet)  Basically – Stu’s Shed Commercial-TV, where businesses can organise with me to provide their demonstration videos on my site.

I want to keep a close rein on the quality and quantity of what’s provided (I’ve seen some pretty bad ‘demo’ videos out there), and I’m not thinking of limiting it to movies – for example a Triton page would be good if it included PDFs of old manuals, stuff they no longer provide through their website. I’m taking with Triton at the moment about their commercial DVD (the one they sell in Bunnings), as to whether they want that on the site, downloadable for free.  As much as they do make a little money from DVD sales, this wouldn’t stop that completely, and they make a lot more money if they sell a workbench or saw etc, which I think would be enhanced by as many people as possible getting to see the equipment used.

So if anyone has any particular opinions about the concept I would be interested in hearing them (email or comment on this post)- I’m not convinced yet whether I should do this, or whether it would detract from Stu’s Shed TV, and that must remain my primary video content provided.

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