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A bit of an era draws to a close today (although it is a bit of a soft ending). My Triton 2000 Workcentre and 2400W Triton saw will sell in a couple of hours time. Feeling a bit nostalgic about it.

Back in Christmas 2001 when my wife and I were married, I had a lathe on the wedding registry (little thing, but unbeknownst to me at the time, it was the key to a massive door that had been there in my periphery since almost forever). So I had this lathe, and I needed a bench to mount it to. Around our new property (bought 6 months earlier) there were a number of redgum sleepers, and I thought a couple of them would make a great lathe stand. I did have a handsaw, but no circular saw, and this was the justification I needed to head down to Bunnings and get one.

In Bunnings, I had long admired (from a distance) these amazing orange tools that looked to be for the professionals – workbenches that I hardly recognised what they were for (in hindsight, they would have been a Triton 2000, a router table, superjaws etc). But they looked GOOD.

So I went to get a saw. Dad’s had an Hitashi for a long time – serious looking tool, and so I had an idea of what I was wanting. While there, going through all the models, one that stood out was an orange beast – 2400W, 9 1/4″ blade (price tag to match), but it dawned on me that one day, I might, just might get one of those cool looking workbenches, so I might as well have the saw that matches. Boy, was that a good call.

Got home with this thing, and if you know me, you know I love toys (uh…, and this thing looked mean. When I took it to the sleepers, I was in shock – it sliced the sleeper like butter, and that was it, I was hook line and sinker into Triton at that point.

A few months later, I had the Triton 2000 Workbench, then the router and router table, and really it is all a fast moving history from there. I joined the Triton club, became their webmaster the next meeting, and within 12 months I was president of the club. Stayed as president for 2 years, where membership swelled to over 70, then handed over the reins. I still stayed, demonstrating and running projects (and their website), until one day contacted Triton and became a fully fledged Triton Demonstrator.

And so we are here today – I still demonstrate for Triton, both in Bunnings & Mitre 10, and at woodshows, and run 3 Triton Woodworking courses at Holmesglen Tafe here in Melbourne, I still have the Triton club website (although I took a lot of it down about a year ago, as I couldn’t get financial support for it, and I needed the server space. I still have the original pages, and now know about running a web server from home, so might restore it one day), and we now have Stu’s Shed running full steam. I still have another 2000 Workcentre and saw, so I’m not loosing that functionality!

So that is the history of the workbench and saw that is on Ebay at the moment. It has been a great run, and obviously the start that I’ve been given by Triton has had a huge influence on me. The race is not over by a long chalk, but…well….I’m a tool fiend, and I feel some new tools coming on!

So now you have a bit more of an idea why I am so supportive of the Triton brand. The tools are quality, and good engineering, and that is what I respect. Sometimes hard to find in this current throwaway, cheap, low quality market we currently find ourselves. I wanted a brand that I could trust, and if I knew nothing about the tool that I wanted, that at least I would have a quality version if I bought an orange one. That brand needs to be protected and supported so it continues to warrant that respect.

When I was looking for a bandsaw, I didn’t know anything about them, and things you only really learn from experience, so I looked to see if there was an orange one so I didn’t get burned. There wasn’t (at the time), so I got another, and hated it. Took it back the next day (it was a $600 bandsaw, so we weren’t talking peanuts), and bought my Jet. I know a lot more about woodworking now, and brands etc, but even now, when looking for a new tool, I will start with the brands I know and trust, and then make a decision.

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  1. Hello Stu, we have met briefly down at Braeside at Richard Vaughan’s router day. Just having a quiet browse and came across your piece re Triton and thought I’d chuck in my two bobs worth. I have a Mk3 that I bought new about 20 years ago and it is still giving sterling service. The only time it has ever let me down is when I have put a junk saw in it. Even the nylon slider blocks are still showing little signs of wear. I recently decided to get a Compound mitre saw so the Triton is now set up for ripping. The newer model might be nice, but this one serves me well so I see no reason to upgrade.
    Thanks for the website, it is both interesting and helpful. Cheers, Russell

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