Burl Clock

After having a couple of inquiries, thought I’d post a brief description of the Burl Clock, seen in the Gallery.


The burl (and clock mechanism) were purchased at the Working with Wood show. Total cost: $40.  The mechanism came from Jonathon Knowles Clocks.

The face has been planed and sanded to get it reasonably flat, then the sanding to produce the finish. Each sandpaper grade was used, between 120 and 1200, all on a Triton Random Orbital sander.  The ROS is used because its eccentric sanding pattern doesn’t leave the telltale swirls (scratches) of a normal orbital sander.

The finish was produced first by rubbing Ubeaut Shellawax Cream across the face until the cloth started to grab. It was then buffed with a Ubeaut Swansdown mop attached to a drill. Next, Ubeaut EEE Ultrashine was used to produce a satin finish, again with the Swansdown mop.

The cavity for the clock mechanism was made using the Triton Router (handheld), using a template guide and straight router bit.

3 Responses

  1. Stuart,
    Thanks for the info on how to make a clock like this. My dad used to make them, and I would like to finish a few projects he had ongoing when he passed away earlier this year. Could you tell me where I can find some of these products, like the wax and the mop? I live in LA, so we have a lot of resources here, so I was looking for some place to get them in person.


  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    Both the wax and the mop are available from UBeaut.

    Their website is http://www.ubeaut.com.au
    and their product is available in the US. Check out their distributer page at http://www.ubeaut.com.au/distribs.htm and scroll down to the US retailers.


  3. May I ask, what exactly should I look for when it comes to a clock kit when making my own burl clock?
    Thank you

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