New Triton Tools

I don’t have any prices, expected delivery dates or images, but this is a (reasonably) comprehensive list of new Triton tools that are on their way:

There’s a number of sharpening jigs about to arrive for the sharpener, including a dressing tool, gouge jig, knife jig (and I’m not sure what else – about 5 in total, made by Sheppach, badged Triton.)

2400W SCMS, w left & right tilt
1200W Belt Sander
500W Dual Orbital Sander (orbital and random orbital)
850W Dowelling Machine
Uni Clamp
1500W Powered Router Table
Inifinite Depth Rebate Planer
235mm 2300W Circular Saw (as recently mentioned).

Photos and details as they come to hand.

A Triton Workcentre for 99c?!!

Some more items on Ebay, starting at 99c (and for those that don’t know, these are 1 offs- I don’t have a continual supply, I’m just selling tools that I have duplicates of (or no longer require))


Triton 2000 Workcentre

Triton TSA001 2400W 235mm Circular Saw

Triton Dust Bucket

Triton Dust Bag

Triton Planer Attachment

Edit: Added Triton SuperJaws and GMC 1000mm Lathe

Some Triton Info

Had a meeting with Triton and the Victorian Triton Demonstrators tonight and lots of really interesting info came out of it. Unfortunately I can’t talk about much of it yet – but will bring what I can when I can.

So, what I think is safe to say: Saw the new (2008) Triton catalogue. Over 50 pages or so, lots of interesting stuff in there, including about 7 or 8 new Triton tools (pause for the censor beep).

Got to have a first hands-on look at the new Triton 2300W Saw. Designed by the Triton engineers a couple of years or so ago, it is about to hit the market shortly. The Triton Demonstrators will be getting it pretty early, so I’ll be able to bring you a good close look then. What I did see is a magnesium chassis, laser guide (240V transformed, not batteries), geared height winder with a much better access to the locking lever, a well functioning dust extraction port that will fit directly to the Triton duct bucket hose. There won’t be any additional cutting height achieved with this saw – the TSA001 already pretty maximised the achievable cutting height with a 9 1/4″ saw.

Other product info centred around the Triton Wet & Dry Sharpener. Where it comes to tightening the nut on the grinding wheel, don’t be squeamish about it (ok, don’t go nuts 🙂 to the point that the nut shears the threads), but tighten it well – the wheel can take it, and the last thing you want is to dress the wheel and have it move on the shaft at all, wrecking all that work. For those who think the Triton is a bit of an aftermarket rip-off of the Scheppach, sorry, but these are actually made by Scheppach for Triton, using the same German standards. For some reason they didn’t look at ensuring the support rail was straight, but that is now history, and they are now making the support arm by welding both uprights, rather than welding one and bending the other. Irrespective, I have one of the original sharpeners, and if you are prepared to spend just a little bit of time setting it up (and I mean a little), you can get some remarkably sharp tools straight off the machine (including the honing wheel of course), and for under $200, that is hard to beat.

Wish I could talk more about the new tools that are coming – will see what I can get permission to talk about!

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