Just passed quite a nice benchmark – the 50,000th visit to the site happened sometime around 10am today.  So onward and upward – perhaps the first 100k before the site turns 1.  Still, pretty surprising numbers seeing as my club site had (what I thought) was a quite impressive 45,000 over about 5 years (I took down much of that site early last year due to a lack of server space and sponsorship.  I was thinking of rebuilding it, but much has changed over the last year, not the least of which being the start of Stu’s Shed!)

Timber Suppliers

I’m still a bit in the dark about decent suppliers of more interesting timber (than crappiata pine from the hardwarehouse stores). Partly because I just haven’t had time to do a decent drive-around and check. One that I have been to a few times is Mathews Timbers, 125 Rooks Rd, Vermont.

No idea how their prices compare, but they seem to have a reasonable range of stock.


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