The Great Shed Cleanout

(Which precedes the Great Shed Cleanup!)

Headed out tonight with a view of getting an idea of stuff that will in all likelihood be finding (or at least looking for) a new home over the next few weeks (and probably joining the current collection of woodworking DVDs that I have on Ebay. Sam Maloof DVD still $0.99 – what a bargain! (Hint hint).

This list is a possible collection, and is as much for my sake as anything (to remind me of what I saw in the brief look that is surplus to requirements), and I totally reserve the right to add to, and subtract from it 🙂 I was going to give a justification for getting rid of them, but I found that after the first few, the answer was the same – I have 2 (or more) already! No wonder I have space issues!!

GMC 250mm SCMS w laser

GMC 12 1/2″ thicknesser (with a few mods! Such as a better dust extraction system that couples up to a 4″ system, and a structural grade aluminium baseplate, spare planer head w blades)

Triton Powered Respirator

GMC 7 1/2″ circular saw

GMC rotary tool

Triton professional router bit set (7 piece, boxed)

Triton template guide kit

Triton Workcentre 2000 with dust bag, Triton saw, wheel kit

Triton Dust Bucket

GMC lathe, with my pen turning adaption on a 4 jaw chuck, and a second 4 jaw chuck

Self-centering lathe chuck (from Hare & Forbes)

GMC 40l air compressor

Triton plunge drill

Triton Superjaws

Triton multistand

GMC dust collector (maybe, if I can find a better replacement – 750W no longer is enough when I run my 6″ Jet planer)

Router lettering kit

GMC tablesaw (that I’ve modified to be a disk sander)

What is surprising me, is I did a bit of a purge like this a couple of years ago, and found I had enough money to buy my 6″ Jet Planer! Even after all that, I wonder if I’ll actually notice a bit more space…..probably not! In any event, I’m sure that it will help on a number of levels. A purge is always a good thing to go through – I’m hanging onto some stuff for (not even good) sentimental reasons. Time to let it go to a new home!

PS – just been having another thought – am seriously considering starting all the auctions at $0.99, and seeing what happens! Imagine that – if you are (very) lucky, and the only bidder, you’d be able to get a Triton Workcentre setup or a thicknesser for under a dollar!

All the current DVDs have been started at 99c fwiw!

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