A Quick Safety Tip

Imagine a barrier exists at least 6″ away from any spinning router bit, saw blade, or other cutting machine hellbent on getting you.

Can’t think of any better way to elaborate on that.  (Ok, I know I break this rule where it comes to scroll and bandsaws, but they are inherently a safer design.  However, they can and do still inflict significant injuries, and I certainly abide by this rule when my 1.3 TPI 3/4″ blade is running – scary bloody thing!)  (Well hopefully not literally obviously!)

I really wish I could afford a Saw Stop cabinet saw.  Even after years, they (tablesaws) still give me the willies (and that is probably a very good way to be, and even with a Saw Stop, I’d still feel and act the same, but at least there’s just that one extra thing acting as backstop if I EVER drop the ball).

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