Taunton Fine Woodworking DVDs for sale

I’m starting to go through my ‘collections’ around the house, and trying to decrease the amount of clutter that has been breeding in quiet! Some stage soon, that will include going through the shed and disposing of some unwanted tools (including my GMC lathe, which always surprised me in how well it worked for a cheap tool from a cheap brand).

Starting the purge is a collection of Taunton Fine Woodworking DVDs that I have – somehow I managed to end up with 2 lots the same, so these are brand-new, and unopened (and original!!). I regularly watch my set – I keep picking up another technique or trick each time, or at least refreshing things I’d forgotten.

They are being sold through Ebay, under Crafts-Woodcrafts-Books & Publications (couldn’t find somewhere more sensible that targetted woodworking). Hopefully this link will get you to the right place! Ebay Auction

Each picture is also linked to its relevant Ebay listing.


At this stage I’ve only made it available to Australia (seeing as I bought them in from the USA, doesn’t seem much point posting them back there!! (Edit – but if there’s enough interest, I can revise the listing!  Given the starting price of $A0.99, it might be tempting!) They each weigh just under 100g, so I can get 5 in one of the Australia Post bags, (or all in one of the large ones!) so will combine postage – or nothing if you collect!

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