Shed visitors

Not sure how many others have to put up with somewhat unwelcome shed visitors, but I tend to find a fair number on a regular basis.

No, I’m not completely antisocial – the shed visitors I am referring to are Redback Spiders (very closely related to the American Black Widow spider, the main distinguishing difference is the US version doesn’t have the red stripe).  I can typically locate anywhere up to a half dozen or more out there.


This is one that I decided to photograph a couple of years ago (after transporting it to an interesting background).

If you do have this type of problem, then you might be interested in my solution – flea bombs.  I set one off in the shed every few months or so (they are equally effective on spiders as they are on fleas!), and close up the doors.  Seeing the vapours escaping through the various gaps means I can be pretty sure any spiders in the vicinity have suddenly developed a bit of a problem!

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