Starting the baby-proofing!

Now that our little one is becoming mobile, and especially pulling herself up on things, I dreaded the idea of her falling and hitting her head on the brick surround of the fireplace.

So what I have done, is rebated a piece of 90×45, so that the remainder had about a 15mm wall thickness on both surfaces. Next, I rounded over the top corner using the largest roundover bit that I have (about 20 – 25mm radius) (using the router table obviously!)

Finally, I applied a large chamfer to the top back edge, and a small one to the bottom front edge, just to break the corners and prevent any splinters. Once I had created the profile I wanted, I cut the length up to form the front, and 2 sides, with a 45 degree mitre joint, that I biscuit joined together. Finally, I took a Black & Decker powerfile (effectively a belt sander with a 10mm wide belt), and rounded over the outside corners of the mitre.

The result is this:


It doesn’t look too bad, and does make the fireplace a bit safer. At some stage, I’ll get around to applying a Jarrah stain, and some Estapol, but in the meantime, it is doing the job intended.

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