Bandsaw Blade Storage

Up until now, I’ve been storing my bandsaw blades coiled, then taped with a bit of electrical tape, then hung on a hook.

I was moving the blades out of the way today, and happened to go to put them on the same hook as I store electrical extension cords, and it dawned on me that the holder I use for the cords would work very well in storing the bandsaw blades as well.


It is perhaps not ideal, and if I come across a better solution I’ll be sure to post it here, but I quite like this one, at least it is better than what I was doing. Some of these blades have particularly large teeth, and you wouldn’t want them uncoiling accidentally.

Whether this hanger is good for bandsaw blades or not, it is excellent for storing extension cords. (You’ll see them being used in the background of a few photos and videos, the latest being in the photo for Episode 20).

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