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The latest copy of Australian Woodsmith came in the mail today, and on the cover is a reminder of something that I have long been missing from my shed.  A workbench.  I put it down to time, and space, but I see the building of one’s workbench as a “coming of age” in a woodworking sense, and is still something I have yet to tackle.

S’pose I should finish off the router table while I’m at it.  Do you ever get to the point that there are so many projects deserving of time that you just don’t know where to start?

Oh well.  Still, it is nice coming home and finding a nice new woodworking magazine in the letterbox. Which reminds me, not long now, and the new Carbatec catalogue will be ready and sent out, and this year I hear that it’s huge (not that it was small in the first place!).  Something like 50% larger, so I’m very keen to see what new products have been added!  I’m sure I’ll mention it here again when the time comes.  You can always get it in-store, but why not get yourself added to their mailing list, and having a copy sent out directly?  Of course, your wallet may hate you for it……. 🙂

Episode 21 Triton 15in Thicknesser – Fitting Moulding Blades

Episode 21 Triton 15in Thicknesser – Fitting Moulding Blades

This is the second of three videos looking at the new Triton 15in Thicknesser. This installment shows in detail the fitting of the moulding blades.

Is my Triton Workcentre’s days numbered?

I’ve been giving more and more thought to the idea of upgrading my tablesaw from the Triton Workcentre 2000 to something in the order of a 10″ or 12″ cabinet saw. One of the reasons I can manage this without an inherent sense of loss, is I’d still have all my demonstration gear, including that Workcentre 2000, so I wouldn’t loose its capabilities, and portability. Still, it’s a bit of a tough call.

Whether I can afford it or not is another matter altogether (let alone fitting it!!), but the idea of having the extra cutting capacity, tiltable blade, cast iron top, full mitre slot, induction motor quietness all becomes increasingly appealing.

It is one of the points that I have made a number of times about the Triton system – it is a great introductory route for people to get into woodworking, as it has the capacity of growing with you, and many never get to the point that they need to upgrade. Those that do still don’t regret using Triton to get into it, I probably would never have gotten so much into this if it wasn’t for having such great tools to learn on, and develop the passion.

Who knows if this will happen this year or not. Irrespectively, I will still be running Triton demonstrations in store on occasional weekends, and at woodshows, and running the Triton courses at Holmesglen.

With the way interest rates are going at the moment, this may all be a pipe dream anyway.

TV Channel

Seems Stu’s Shed TV is more popular than I guessed!  I thought it’d be nicer to have a decent depository for the videos, and it looks like I’m not the only one.  Glad I got something right 🙂

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