Aftermarket Planer/Thicknesser Mod

I was looking at the Wixey digital height gauge upgrade for the thicknesser tonight, and have made a start in fitting it. It isn’t too complex, I just didn’t have much time that I could set aside to have a play.

I’ve fitted the gauge itself to the casing – I decided not to place it on top of the existing gauge, as it is angled to the body of the planer head, and I wasn’t confident in the bond between this stuck-on gauge, and the body of the unit anyway.

I also like it’s location as it will make it very easy to read and access.


The main thing I haven’t done is actually attach the planer head to the arm on the gauge. The supplied brackets are not suitable, so will have to fabricate something myself. Once I’ve finished installing the gauge, I’ll upload a short video of it in action.

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