The constant woodworker

I was contacted a couple of days ago by the owner of ReaderSheds (UK) and asked if I’d like to submit my shed to their site (which I’ve done).  While looking for some photos to include, I quickly came to realise, well, a few things.  I discovered I have no current photos of the inside of my shed.  Perhaps embarrassment about the state of it as much as anything, but what photos I do have are quite out-of-date.  It seems that despite thinking that things out there are pretty much static, that the shed layout is constantly changing and evolving.  Over the period of even 6 months, I can look at a photo and see elements that are the same, but also a whole raft of changes that have occurred in that time.

I also saw some older photos of the place, and it dawned on me that at one time, the space I had was adequate – all the tools had a home, and they were all easily accessible.  I know I keep taking about cleaning the place up (and this year I mean it!!), but it has become a simple fact that there isn’t enough room for the tools that are there already, and if I pack any more in there, well, there is an advert on TV about a guy who can’t resist a hardware bargain to the point that his garage literally bursts…….

Does this mean no more tool acquisitions? Not bloody likely!!!!! 🙂

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