Mobile Bases for Floor Machines

I have a few heavy machines in the workshop these days, each weighing between about 70 and 100kg.  Given my limited space, I really need to be able to move these around, yet I don’t want to have to try to drag them, or lift them to fit wheels etc.  The solution is a heavy-duty mobile base, that can cope with the weight of the machine and remain fully stable, both when the machine is being moved, and when it is in use.

The base that I have been using is one made by Jet, and so far, I’ve only needed the smaller model, which is still capable of handling a machine weighing up to 270 kg (600 lb).


The latest to receive the treatment, is the Triton 15″ thicknesser.  Weighing in at over 80kg, it also has quite a large footprint, so I really need to be able to move it out of the way for other jobs, or even outside if I need to machine long lengths.


The components look and feel quite robust, and the design means that it can fit machines with a wide range of footprints, without needing any tools for assembly.  What you can see here, is a wheel for each corner (which includes a decent amount of base for the machine to sit on), and four predrilled connector bars.

Two wheels are steerable (swivel), and all four are lockable, maximising the stability of the platform during machining operations.


This is a close-up of the connector bar, with the spring-loaded pin engaged in the first hole.


The thicknesser now on its new base, portable and stable.

Downtrack, I will be adding a wooden shelf on the base, and another on the mid-height bracing so I can maximise storage opportunities around the workshop.

2 Responses

  1. HI Stu, I have those on my bandsaw and my table saw and they are fantastic, especially as I have to move everything,every night so that I can get my cars in the garage

  2. I was thinking the other day, that even the Triton Workcentre would benefit from being on that sort of base – easy to move, stable, and I could turn the area underneath into better storage.

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