Got out to the shed tonight – has been a while…….

Thought I’d have a bit of a play on the lathe, after all I have a new oval skew chisel to try, and I have only had a couple of quick plays with the bowl gouge that I got at the wood show in October.

I’m definitely still learning where it comes to wood turning! Not quite sure how it came about, but was trying the skew chisel, ensuring the far point was nowhere near the workpiece, and had just started to ‘rub the bevel’ when there was an almighty bang, a sound of a richocet in a far corner of the shed, and one hand felt like it had been brushed past by something substantial.  There was a bit of a gummy substance on the sharp edge of the chisel – couldn’t figure out what that was, or where it had come from.

Did a quick VCE (visual check of extremities) – sometimes you can’t actually feel when something has gone badly wrong, and I wasn’t sure how I had avoided being caught by something, particularly the chisel.  I hadn’t (although a tiny nick did show up a little later), so then I had a look at the workpiece – expecting to see absolute destruction.


I did find this –  a beautiful groove that gets quickly deeper, until it suddenly ends where the kickback actually occured.  It was definitely the inside tip of the chisel that caused this, so I haven’t been able to figure out what I did wrong (perhaps just the wrong tool for the job?)

Needless to say, the skew chisel went straight back onto the storage rack, and the bowl gouge was used to finish off the job.

I have only done the outside, and the finish isn’t great – still have a lot to learn, but it’s coming along.  I need to get some different jaws for the chuck before I can finish the job.


It’s a start.

Just as I am typing this, my finger still feels a little sensitive on the pad, so under the better lighting I have in here, there is a curious shiny triangular area, about 10mm on each side of the triangle on the pad of the finger.  I thought I had a cut there from a few days ago, but it has vanished.  It looks like I got a lot closer than I was expecting – the chisel has lightly shaved off this area, which I guess is what was on the end of the chisel.  Talk about close.  That is probably the worst kickback I’ve ever had from any tool, and the closest I’ve come without actually drawing blood!

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