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  1. Hi Stuart

    Just watched your stile and rail bit video. looks like a great bit from Carbitool – when are they going to start giving you bits to review and give away (2 of course)?

    I was interested in your jig. I’ve never seen one like that before. they are usually a square plate that runs along the fence with the rail butted up against a square fence. Why did you choose this particular deisgn. Do you see it has adavantages over the more standard version. I notice that you set it up so you didn’t have to adjust the height of the bit between grooving and coping.

    Keep ’em coming! It’s a great videocast service!

  2. Hi Claire,

    As to the first, time will tell (and it depends in part on how popular it all proves to be, so tell your woodworking colleagues!)

    Think I know what you mean by the standard jig, but in this case I didn’t think it would work, as the router bit is cutting all the way to the bottom – in other words, the jig would get cut as well, resulting in a. bad snipe, and b. a jig that would only survive one pass.

    I came up with this design so there would always be contact with the fence, before and after the cutter, and because the straight-edge passes over the top of the cutter, it will never become compromised.

    It does restrict visibility, but down-track, I’d look at replacing the ‘wing’ with some high-impact resistant polycarbonate.

    I love the fact that I don’t have to move the cutter between cuts – that alone is an awesome feature (not sure if the cutter was designed with that in mind, or whether they expected people to drop the bit lower for the end-grain passes, in either case the jig I’ve come up with removes that requirement.)

  3. Hi Stuart. Just watched the video. It was great. I had always heard that you should make the end cuts on the rails first. But with this stacked bit, that does not seem to matter.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. […] I came up with a coping sled for my stacked rail and stile bit.  It was seen here, and included in Episode 18 on SS TV.  I know for a fact that I came up with the concept out of my own head, but I guess […]

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