Remember when I spoke about the Global Village?

I thought it was pretty cool then (that I was getting visitors from a number of different countries around the world), so finding Stu’s Shed now getting references on Russian Woodworking Bulletin boards just blows my mind!

Found this on,3967.0.html

Да, кстати, вспомнил. Чтобы было понятно, как эта штука работает, для чего нужно регулировать вылет фрезы и т.д., есть видео

How cool is that? 😀

(I managed to get a very rough translation of it using Babelfish)

Episode 18 Router Bit Review Rail and Stile Stacked Bit

Stacked Rail and Stile Router Bit. As discussed very recently on Stu’s Shed, this is a very impressive router bit, and has sold me on the concept of stacked rail and stile bits, rather than having two separate matched bits to perform the same job.

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