The Shed and I

Had a bit of an excursion down to the shed tonight – nothing too dramatic, just an hour and a half or so. The only difference – no agenda, no camera, and no rush, and it was just a pleasant time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about abandoning videos or anything, I’ve still got heaps of topics that I think would be worth covering, lots of tools to look at etc. I think what I mean is; when I’m shooting a video, I’m concentrating on that, what I’m demonstrating, what I’m saying, whereas tonight it was just about what I was doing, and it reminded me why we enjoy this hobby (passion…..obsession…..) as much as we do.

So what was I working on? Actually, backing up a sec, the other times that I have been doing any woodworking recently, have been when I have been demonstrating at stores/wood show/club and running the woodwork course at Tafe. The reason tonight seemed even more of a contrast is because I was finishing off a project that I started at the wood show, and continued last weekend at the Mitre 10 Mega demo. Been making another dinosaur – bandsaw/scrollsaw project. So tonight was the first time that I’ve done anything on this project where it hasn’t been in front of an audience.

Is there a lesson in all this? I guess, for me at least, is to remember that this is an activity that we do because we enjoy it, getting to create things with our own hands, one that requires some physical dexterity and challenges you to think about how to achieve the result you want. If the activity has stopped returning the enjoyment it once did, it is worth standing back and working out what is getting in the road.

Is it not having enough time, or having too many other distractions, so it means actually setting time aside to head to the shed for some quality time?

Is the shed too messy, that going out there isn’t the sanctuary that it once was? Deciding to put some time into restoring it to a working condition could be beneficial. Perhaps the shed is too small, or is only a temporary space shared with the family car. Can a way around this be found? Is there a corner of your property that can be put aside for a permanent structure? Are there some tools that don’t get used often that could be stored better to free up space for the popular ones? Christmas isn’t too far away – have you considered seeing if a new shed will fit into the stocking? (I have a birthday the day before Christmas, so sometimes that proves rather beneficial when negotiating larger items ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Are there too many unfinished projects getting you down, so you can’t feel that you can start a new one without feeling guilty? It can be frustrating having them around, but it really does give a sense of satisfaction to put aside the apathy and really jump into one or two of them and knock the projects off. I have some projects that have been hanging around for years!

Whatever it is, figure out where the barriers are, and make a real effort to overcome them. After all, we got into this because we enjoy it. Don’t let frustrations take that away.

And when you can’t get out to the workshop for some quality time, there’s always Stu’s Shed! ๐Ÿ™‚

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