The flowers are not mine!

Something went wrong with the previous template I was using at WordPress, and it become somewhat unstable – a flower motif suddenly appeared! I’ve given away trying to get it resolved, so there’s a general change of the layout scheme of this blog.  I might try adding some other new features at the same time….


Good and bad news I’m afraid. The changes to the old template are being retained, so I’ve decided to stop using it altogether and activate a new theme. It’s going to take me a couple of days to get everything just the way I like it, so there will be a few changes, (including a new banner), so sorry about the mess in the meantime. (Well it looks messy to me).

The good news is I’m going to be able to do a little more with this new template, so overall, some improvements on the way.

The other good news – I’ve nearly finished another video, so not much longer to wait…. (possibly sometime Monday is my best guess).

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