Some new tools for the Oz Market

It has been a while coming – I had an email conversation with Mr Gewiss a bit over a year ago suggesting that SawStop was coming to Australia. It now sounds like Feb 08 will see it hitting our shores. Now this isn’t a saw table for the faint hearted, or the light of pocket. Coming in a little over $4000, it is quite expensive, but in saying that, it looks a quality build, and with the actual Saw Stop feature, $4k could be quite cheap. (I’d love one!)

The saw has a unique ability to detect (via current leakage through the blade) if it is in contact with you. Given the speed of the blade and a cut vs the speed of reaction, if you realise that your hand (for example) is in the wrong place, it is generally way too late. The Saw Stop mechanism when it detects this situation reacts very very quickly, slamming an aluminium block into the blade stopping it near instantly, and the mechanism continues, dragging the blade below the surface of the table out of harm’s way. The blade is destroyed in the process, and the actual mechanism needs replacing once it fires, so the total cost is over $300 each time. However, the alternative is a lot worse. The mechanism can be disarmed for situations where the material being cut has the potential to cause the mechanism to fire unnecessarily.

For a very graphic demonstration of the process, watch the video on their site of what happens to a sausage!

Tormek haven’t been sitting on their hands either, with the release of the brand new Tormek T7. I don’t have many details on this tool as yet (it is a wet-stone grinder), but I’m hoping to have a lot more detail for you in the near future (and video…..). Some initial details – it has a 200W motor, driving a 250mm diameter / 50mm wide 220 grit grinding wheel at 90RPM.

Available in Australia through the Promac distributers. Looking forward to having a much closer look at this unit 😉

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