and so another course comes to a close.

This one was a bit different, mainly because it was brand new – I hadn’t run a course (advanced) before, and it was interesting starting a course with people that had already been on one of the introductory courses with me (or at the same level).  Part of the barstool (the seat) was made up by dressing and biscuit joining a number of boards together, then shaping the resulting panel on the router table.  By lunchtime of the first day, we had pretty much gotten to the same point that the previous course takes 1 1/2 days to get to (particularly given all the extra info that gets covered – setup, basic safe tablesaw practices etc).

So another fun, and successful course.

Was a bit stressful at the start though, I must say.  Was expecting, and had equipment etc for 4 people as expected, but at the last minute, 2 more had booked on, so at the start of the course I was running around trying t get additional stock found etc!  All came good in the end.

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