Another course at Holmesglen coming up – making a barstool. Hope to take a few WIP photos, but once I get into it, all other thoughts go right out of the head!

I was trying to arrange a collection of extra clamps for the day, but left my run way too late unfortunately (was hoping to get hold of some Irwins). So off to Bunnings I went, and found a whole collection of imitation ones, all 600mm going for $5 each. You beauty! Bought 12 for the course – cost all of $60, and that is how much just 2 good ones would have set me back. These clamps will do the job I need – sometimes these cheap Chinese (crap) imports are all you need. I do tend to steer clear as much as I can, but just sometimes……..

Been quiet the last few days – sorry – been completely under the weather. (And it was quite a storm)

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