Woodturners Sharpening Jigs

Saw these at the show, and again in the latest Hare & Forbes sale catalog that arrived in the mail today. (Sale is in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane fwiw)


It is a Scheppach Wood Turners Sharpening kit for $129 – doesn’t look too bad a deal. It looks to include a jig for smaller gouges, and a second for larger ones (such as roughing gouges), a tool rest, and a grading stone. Given that it is an introductory kit, it is a bit of pity it doesn’t include a dressing tool, but I guess that if you are only ever sharpening rounded base tools, that is nowhere near as important than for plane blades.

Getting to see the latest Triton Gear

If you are in East Melbourne and own (and have registered) some Triton tools, you should be getting an invite to the following display.  For anyone else in the area who is also interested, come on down!

On the 17th November, at Mitre 10 Mega (Chelsea Heights), Triton are setting up a display of all the latest releases of Triton tools (bandsaws, thicknessers, sanders, the sharpener etc).  I’ve been asked to be one of the demonstrators, so guess I’ll be there.  It won’t be a static display either –  we will be firing them all up and putting them through their paces.

I’ll provide more details at they come to hand.

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