Timber purchases

Just got around to taking a photo of some of the timber I got from the Wood Show



The four pieces are:


top left – marble eucalyptus burl
top right – huon pine
bottom left – black hearted sassafras
bottom right – American Redwood

Someday I hope my skills improve to the point that I’d be prepared to actually make use of them, rather than feel like I’m just going to waste some nice timber. Sad to think we have to pay so much for a few scraps, and that some may not even be available in the future.

To a large extent, this seems to be this timber is being sourced from trees that grew wild, and that resource is becoming scarce, and there are not enough initiatives that recognise that tree crops need a long term approach – planting trees now that will often only benefit someone in 20, 30, 50 years time.  Guess there is no money in that, so it won’t happen. 😦

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