Ever had “one of those days”?

Been having a few of them recently, all in a row.  You have big plans, big ideas, and just can’t seem to drag them over the finish line.

I find when it comes down to it, sometimes it is better to walk away, and come to it fresh another day, than flogging the dead donkey.

I’ve shot a few hours of video, and haven’t really felt like I’m going to get what I want out of it – perhaps my standards and expectations are out-pacing my learning curve for the videos for this site.  I think too, that battling the shed walls that are slowly closing in doesn’t help!

As I said in a post (a little while ago now), time is the greatest tool that a woodworker can have.  The lack of time is therefore the worst enemy.  It causes frustration, cut corners, and an inferior outcome.

Anyway, enough of a vent.

/end rant.

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