Finally got to the shed!

Have just been out at the shed for a couple of hours – been very hard to find time, especially with the disruptions of last weekend and the wood show.

I’m hoping to have some more footage to be able to put together a couple of new videos – sorry about the delay, but I have a lot of irons in the fire, and am finding it a real juggling act!

Tonight I was shooting the assembly of the Kincrome 5 in 1.  Thought I’d have it all done and shot in an hour, but ran into a few tricky bits during the assembly which caused a lot of frustration.  I hope some of the footage is usable, and I still have to add quite a bit about the actual usage.  Some parts will need editing out – certainly the one or two bits of rather…..uh…..descriptive language.

I’ll reserve my judgment of the tool, but I can say that I’m finding the lightweight folded steel construction to be part of the problem.  I’m seeing the Victorian Kincrome representative (demonstrator) tomorrow, so hope to pick his brains a bit.

I was going to also shoot an article on the Superjaws, but ran out of time, so hope that I will be able to get that done tomorrow – both a comparison of the old and new Superjaws, as well as maintenance of the old Superjaws.

Tomorrow (well later today to be precise!) is the next Triton club meeting here in Melbourne.  I’m dragging along a few of the new, very large Triton tools for members to have a play with.  So if you are in the area…..

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