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  1. I attended the Melbourne Timber & Woodworking Expo and I thoroughly congratulate Triton for achieving the top award – well done.

    I am looking to “tool-up” in my shed and Triton Staffer “Gino” was excellent value.

    So my vote goes to Triton and Gino!!

    It’s a pity thought that Triton has changed hands from Hills to GMC. It remains a challenge for GMC to creatively pursue the where Triton pioneered.

    Tony Fogarty
    Penguin, Tasmania

  2. Great to hear Tony – have forwarded your comments to Triton – I’m sure they’ll be pleased to hear them.

    Gino is a great guy, so glad you got to meet him, and that he had heaps of useful advice for you.

    The change from Hills to GMC a couple of years ago is quite a shake-up. I’m sure there are plenty of good, and bad points about it. In the end, it is just a fact that we have to accept.

    Hills never had a particular focus on woodworking, but did maintain the status quo at Triton (at least as far as I could see). GMC really do have a large interest in woodworking, and have significant manufacturing experience which is having a large impact on Triton.

    The marketplace has also undergone a massive shift in the last few years, so understanding that and how it affects the likes of Triton is important when trying to work out the impact of the GMC purchase on the company.

    Irrespective, there have been huge changes, and only time will tell where Triton end up in the marketplace.

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