Some views from the show


This is the demonstrator end of the Triton display, and where I spent most of my time at the show.  It was taken at closing time, so the crowds had pretty much left.  As you can see, our supplies of SuperJaws was pretty much depleted, and all the Wet & Dry Sharpeners were gone as well.  This looks to be the end of Saturday, as there is the 13″ thicknesser in the background and on Sunday it had morphed into the 8″ bandsaw.


A large display of items made by the Victorian Woodwork Association  members.  Always some amazing things to see, but I always find it makes me feel like giving woodworking away, as I haven’t the time to even begin to see if I can develop the skills to match any of their work.  So it looks amazing, but it is a section of the show that I tend to avoid so as not to get too depressed.


One of the other displays – this one is the Ubeaut stand.

Didn’t have time to get many other photos etc from the show – can think of some other ones that would have been good (like all the timber on offer), but that is fine in hindsight.  Oh well, perhaps next year!

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