Had a play on the 8in and 12in Triton Bandsaws

First impression was not bad!

I didn’t spend too much time on the 8″ bandsaw – both machines were new and straight out of the box, and anyone who has owned a bandsaw before knows that they need fine-tuning in their initial setup, no matter how expensive the machine is.  I didn’t have the time (or the tools) to make the few minor tweaks that were necessary to get it running properly.  Frustrating really, it would only have taken 10 minutes or so if I had my open-ended spanners with me.

I did get to put a fair amount of time into the 12″ one though – one of the other guys had gotten it running the night before, so I was able to use it as-is.  Even then, I didn’t have a range of blades, so had to use the one fitted which was not optimum for both jobs I threw at it, but you make do with what you have.

I resawed a number of 19mm pine boards as I wanted 6mm thick pieces for one of my scrollsaw dinosaurs, and that went pretty smoothly, and then spent the rest of the time cutting out the patterns.

The bandsaw definitely behaved itself – felt good.  I have used a folded steel bandsaw in the past (as opposed to one made with solid cast-iron) and it was crap, so I was prepared to have a less than impressive performance from this one,  but I was plesantly surprised.

I’m hoping to have a chance to do a bit of a video review of one in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.

Bottom line, if I was in the market for a smaller bandsaw, then this would certainly make the short-list.  I’ll have more of an opinion when I can get to have a play in my own time, rather than right in front of everyone, and when I can fit a range of blades to it, and try out the various jobs properly.

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