Sunday night (finally) came

It’s been a pretty massive 5 days, and for me, the Wood Show is over for another year. (Pity the poor buggers who still have days worth of packing and unpacking stock, let alone processing all the orders!)

For the first few days, I feel like I’d like the show to go for a lot longer, but by Sunday night, I’m wrecked! Didn’t even get around to taking a break today – was too interested in what I was doing (playing with the new Triton 8″ and 12″ Bandsaws). Had to stop about 3pm though – had to get some timber before you greedy lot bought it all up! Even then there were poor pickings. I did some nice bits even so.

I came home with about a dozen pieces of Huon Pine, which I can only describe as a very pure timber – it has a homogeneous consistency, and is a pale yellow / white. It is quite a soft timber, so excellent for carving, and easy to turn on the lathe. That’s where most of these pieces will end up – trying to learn techniques on cheap crapiata is hard – you don’t know if it is you making life difficult, or the wood. I did get one piece of round which will make a very nice bowl, but I won’t think of tackling that until I’ve had plenty of practice on the other pieces. I also treated myself to a very nice bowl gouge from Carbatec, so will be very interested to see how that works.

(Bit of an update, from one of the blog’s regular readers (thanks Andy) in response to my Huon Pine description about it’s homogeneous consistency: “You should see some the figured stuff! It has lots more character and, I dare say, would be very nice for turning. You probably know all this (no I didn’t, but I’m learning!) but it’s also a very oily timber which doesn’t allow ordinary estapol to dry off readily unless you remove the oil from the surface layer first. To save stuffing around with lime or acetone scrubbing, I use water based poly.

I found some black-hearted sassafras, a small piece of marble eucalyptus burl for pens, and a bit of American Redwood. As the show was packing up, I found a few lumps of Camphor Laurel that had been chucked out – not too much in there usable for any large project, but I’ll get a 1/2 dozen pen blanks out of it (and I won’t have any sinus issues for a month once I start hacking into it!!) It is the aroma that always tells me the Wood Show has arrived – you walk into the exhibition hall when the show is on, and it is that smell that hits you right off the mark.

Got some really interesting pen kits from Addictive Pen Kits (think they are based in NSW), so will be producing something other than Slimlines for once! Can’t quite remember what I got, but there is definitely a Sierra and a Cigar in there (and the associated Bush sets).

I’m sure there are other bits and pieces in there, but the last thing that comes to mind is the Triton demonstrators had their kit upgraded with the new SuperJaws so I’ll finally be able to do an up close and personal comparison of the old and new models.

So it’s all over for another year, strangely (for me) my wallet is reasonably intact, I have a few goodies to play with, and my feet are killing me!

It was great meeting all of you who visit this site (apparently there are some who actually visit here!), so to all of you, from Cam the Mad, to Russell & Corey, Clint and all the others (some names have slipped my mind, I’m sorry), it was great catching up!

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