First Look at the Triton 15in Thicknesser

Finally got to have a quick play with it today, after admiring (coveting) it for so long from afar.

It is quite a beast! It is only 2″ wider in capacity than the 13″, but weighs twice as much – 80kg! That is some heavy castings that is for sure! I guess that includes the stand (which is not part of the 13″ setup), but that would not explain much of the weight difference.

The one at the show which we finally got to fire up had the moulding blades installed, so haven’t had a chance to try it as a thicknesser, but I really wanted to see how it went as a moulder anyway. Thinking of those chunks of HSS spinning around gave me the willies – haven’t felt that nervous turning on a machine for a long time – almost as bad as the first time I tried a router mounted in a table – so a fair while ago. Unjustified of course, but I’d rather start from there and build confidence in a machine, that take one for granted and have it bite me on the proverbial.

Some other things that really appealed when I (re)discovered them (and it is always different anyway between reading, and actually using!) included variable speed control (or is it feed control – will have to investigate further), and the power height winding. Now that is a cool thing on one of these units! For fine position adjustments you obviously use the handle as normal, but when repositioning the cutting head between one job and the next, nothing beats the power winder.

All in all, I am quite impressed, and I really like the fact that there are already about 30 different moulding blade profiles available. I would definitely say that if you are in the market for a thicknesser, this is one to consider, and if you are choosing between the Triton 13″ and the 15″, spend the extra $300, as you are going to get a lot of machine for the money.

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