Friday at the Show

The first actual day of the show went very well – there certainly seemed a lot of people, and I got a distinct impression that there was a very positive vibe throughout – the stalls looked great, sales were good (which certainly helps the mood of the stall owners!!!), and there was heaps to look at (and be tempted by).

Met a whole heap of people, many of which knew me (what? there are those who actually read this blog, and watch the videos?!!) so to all those I met, it was a pleasure, and I really did, and do appreciate your comments, and just coming up and saying hi.

Around the rest of the show, I could just create a list of names of people I met that would read as a who’s who of the Australian Woodworking scene.

So for those that went, I hope you came home with empty wallets, and sheds full of new toys, and brains full of info from picking the brains of all the different store owners!!

For those visiting this site for the first time, particularly¬† those who picked up a Stu’s Shed flyer from the Triton stand, a big welcome – hope you enjoy what you find.

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