Day 2 (or Day -1)

So day 2 has come and gone (although I called it -1 because the doors open to the public for the real day 1 tomorrow).  The last couple of days have been full on – I certainly haven’t worked enough of these shows to become jaded as yet, so seeing the place come together is still fascinating to be a part of.

I haven’t had a chance to take a photo, or any video (although I still hope to) – I keep thinking that ‘next’ year, I should set up a webcam taking time-lapse images to do that old cliche of watching a production come together.

The place looks great – lots of really interesting things to see (and buy), people to meet etc.  I think the one thing I get out of these shows more than anything else is getting to meet the other woodworkers among us, and getting to share ideas etc.  In some ways, it seems more like a conference than a show.  Now all we need is a keynote speaker.

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