Off to the Melbourne Wood Show!

No, not time to panic yet – you haven’t missed it.  I’m spending some time there this afternoon helping to set up the Triton stand, make sure all the equipment is ready etc.  Of course, that does mean that I’ll have time to play with the new Triton bandsaw, and 15″ thicknesser, neither of which I’ve had a chance to put any timber through before.  Oh, and if I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m going to be getting one of Triton’s 12″ bandsaws shortly after the show, so will be posting a video on that soon for those who haven’t had a chance to see / use one.

Tomorrow is more setting up – there is always a lot of stock moved at the show, and we have to bring it all in.  The retail side of things will be done by Mitre 10 as always, but I’m not sure if it will be Frankston, or Mitre 10 Mega Chelsea Heights this year.

GMC are back at the show this year, so I imagine there will be a whole heap of specials, new product etc on display (and demonstrated too I think).

As seems to happen each year, strangely, the Timber and Working With Wood Show, and the MotoGP (Phillip Island) are scheduled the same weekend.  I might be wrong, but wouldn’t there be a significant percentage of those in the demographic that are interested in woodworking also belong to the demographic that enjoy motor racing?  It’d be like scheduling something on the same weekend as the Bathurst 1000 (Super V8s biggest race of the year) – you should see the hit (downward) that this blog took last weekend, which coincided with that race.  As dramatic as the one over the AFL Grand Final weekend.  Now either the weather has suddenly changed, and people are heading out to their sheds during the weekend rather than reading blogs, or (possibly) they have a case of conflicting interests.

In any case, I know quite few GMC employees will not be at the wood show, they will be down at Phillip Island given that GMC is the naming sponsor for that round of the MotoGP!  Wonder if I’ll ever get invited to their marquee? 😉

Back to the show, there looks like an awesome collection of exhibitors this year – hope I have time to visit them!  I’ve already started a wish list.  Even the Woodworking Forums Australia have a stand this year.

So if you have a chance, I’d certainly recommend getting along to the show this year – Friday to Sunday.

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