A (non virtual) visitor to my shed!

It isn’t often that I have shed visitors, so it was pretty cool to have a fellow woodworker around tonight.  We covered a bit of ground – I showed him some of the techniques and tips for pen turning, he showed me some for bowl turning.  He also bought around his collection of Tormek jigs that fit the Triton Sharpener, which was very interesting to get to play with.

It was actually quite novel to have someone else in the workshop there to actually make use of the tools, and share ideas.

The first 10K

We’ve gotten there already – just 3 months into it, and there have been 10,000 visits to the site.  So I am pretty stoked about that!  My next benchmark that I am particularly interested in, is how long it will take this site to exceed the number of visitors to my Triton Club site (which is currently around 43,000).

Not that the club site has any particular drawcards – it used to be the largest Triton website in the world until late last year when I took a lot of the content off it.  Simply, I ran out of storage space for it, and an ongoing bid to get a sponsor for it so I could acquire more storage fell through.

But needless to say, I will be really pleased the day that this site becomes my most successful by all parameters.

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