New release from Kincrome

Got to have an interesting (brief) look around the Kincrome showroom today, and particularly their just-released workbench range.

There are 4 in the range (known as the Kincrome Zoom), from the 2 in 1 to the 5 in 1. They are a Swedish? German design, taking an old concept (that of the Workmate), and pushing it well beyond the original idea.

From what I could tell from the brief look (that was my fault, I didn’t have a lot of time), in summary:

2 in 1: basic functionality – similar to the workmate, but using the construction standards of the rest of the range

3 in 1: slightly advanced, and adds the ability to glue up mouldings for picture frames etc.

4 in 1: large jump in functionality – ability to mount tools (such as routers, circular saws, jigsaws etc) so they are controlled for cross-cutting type operations

5 in 1: takes the setup to a logical conclusion – expandable for large clamping operations, as well as the features of the other models (and particularly the mounting of power tools).

The Zooms are available in Australia (as of this week), and advertising for these can be seen on Channel 7.

FYI, Kincrome will be at the Wood Show, so if you are interested in seeing the units in the flesh (so to speak), and being put through their paces, you know where to go šŸ™‚

6 Responses

  1. Hi Stu
    Well I did it, I’m the demo guy for Melb/East
    It’s German BTW

  2. Well done mate! Assume I’ll see you manning their stand at the Woodworking show next weekend.

    Great stuff šŸ™‚

  3. G’day, Stu. After chatting to you whilst you were at the Bandsaw I went and had a look at the Kincrome stand, had a chat with the boys, filled out the competition form and promptly won myself the 5 in 1 Zoom work bench. Cool stuff!

  4. That is funny as, nice work!

    Can’t remember if I saw you on the Saturday or the Sunday – think it was yesterday. Saw your entry to their comp, they definitely liked it (and it definitely wasn’t publishable!!)

    They were definitely starting to wonder what it was with SE Melbourne – all the winners were this side of the bay (and this far around!)

  5. Hey Stu,
    Any chance you live in Adelaide, I have 2 3 in 1 workbenches sitting in my shed both in pieces. I am just about to toss them in the bin because the damn things wont play the game! You put them together and they dont sit straight, and after 2 days of pulling them apart again thinking i had done some thing wrong, my patience is wearing seriously thin!

    • Sorry – Melbourne.

      Kincrome apparently had pallets of these units in various degrees of disarray. Even the one I had to review, didn’t survive long enough to be reviewed and got tossed back!

      Guess that is what happens when you take a (German) design and give it to some mass production unit in another country to manufacture, who then scrimp on materials and simplify designs etc to cost savings!

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