Woodwork 101

I’ve decided to start a new part of the blog and podcast called “Woodwork 101” (shortened to WW101).  The intention here to provide information that is specifically for people just starting out getting into woodworking as a hobby, and the sorts of things that I have come across that I found invaluable – whether this is sources of information, such as books or DVDs, or descriptions of tools and processes that once I understood them really pushed my woodworking to the next level.

One could argue that this whole blog is that anyway, but doing a quick scan, I can see a few posts that would fit the concept, but a whole heap of others that don’t, and I’m not intending on changing the overall focus (or lack thereof) of this blog to just limit it to the first steps along the woodworking path.  Hopefully, there will be something for everyone.

I am intending to have video/podcasts to complement the WW101 entries, where applicable.  They may not come at the same time however – I don’t have time to be THAT organised!  Nor will they be in a particular order, again, that would require me to be a lot more organised than I am.

So as always, feedback, comments, critiques, requests for info or for future articles/video (podcasts), tools you would like to see etc are all welcome.

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  1. […] Before to blog here, I collected few links that may interest beginners, like the woodwork-101 serie with this post about woodworking books (thanks to  the […]

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