Australian Timber and Working with Wood Show

A quick reminder about this feature of the Australian Calendar – the TWWW Show. It is still doing the rounds, with the Canberra show in just 9 days, and 44 days to Melbourne!

A great way to check out a whole spectrum of Australian woodworking industries, compare products side-by-side, get special prices on products, attend the free seminars, get to talk with the local producers etc. Check out the site map to find out who you can expect to see.
At the Melbourne Show for example, meet Terry Gordon and Colen Clenton on the HNT Gordon stand for hand-made planes, squares and other darkside tools (I doubt they call it that though 😉 ), Neil Ellis from U-Beaut Enterprises, Roger Gifkins and his Gifkins dovetail jig, and so the list goes on. The Triton stand will be there, and I will be there of course, demonstrating a lot of the new range of Triton toys (sorry – tools).

Hope to see you all there!

For those not from Oz, do check out your local Wood Shows – from what I hear the American ones, for example, are massive! You learn a heap, spend lots of cash 😀 and have a great day (or two….or three!)


Have just spoken with Terry Gordon (HNT Gordon & Co Classic Plane Makers) and he will be at the Canberra Show next week, so check the stand out – the planes (and other tools) are works of art, and are a pleasure to use. I am hoping to feature some of them in a video podcast after the Melbourne show, so stay tuned!

Woodwork 101 – Books

Over the years, I have come across a huge number of woodworking books (often from the local libraries). There is one set of books that I would happily recommend to all woodworkers – experienced or not.  These are the Taunton Press “Complete Illustrated Guide” set.

They are available from Taunton Press, Amazon, and often local bookstores and libraries will have some of the range.  Beautifully laid out, and chock-full of full colour photographs to best demonstrate the topic being covered, they are a superb set of books to have in your library.  I’ve read most cover to cover, and still reference back to them regularly.

The next book I term “the finishers bible”.  Written by Neil Ellis – a master craftsman who not only does magnificent carvings, but is (without exaggeration), a world expert on finishing, and specifically polishing.  He is based in Geelong (south of Melbourne), and has formulated his own range of polishes – waxes and shellacs trading as U-Beaut.  However, what I want to include in this topic today is his book- “A Polishers Handbook”.


This is another of those books that is worth reading, cover to cover, twice. (Or more). Neil can be found at many (if not all) the Australian “Timber and Working With Wood” shows, on his U-Beaut stand.  Go along, tell him I sent you 😀 ask questions, buy some product (especially Shellawax, and EEE) and BUY THIS BOOK!!  (No, I don’t get anything from him / U-Beaut for saying this fwiw, this is just a genuine recommendation!)  Cost is about $A32, value – priceless (for everthing else there is masterca….. all right – enough already!)

Two authors jump to mind when I think of woodworking authors.  They are Mark Duginske, and Lonnie Bird.  Both have written introductory books on a number of subjects (not sure of Lonnie’s background, but Mark is like a 4th or 5th generation woodworker, and both really know their topics).  Mark also does a range of woodworking DVDs, but that is a subject of another post!

For learning about bandsaws, I’d choose Mark’s “Bandsaw Handbook”, and Lonnie’s “The Bandsaw Book”

Woodwork 101

I’ve decided to start a new part of the blog and podcast called “Woodwork 101” (shortened to WW101).  The intention here to provide information that is specifically for people just starting out getting into woodworking as a hobby, and the sorts of things that I have come across that I found invaluable – whether this is sources of information, such as books or DVDs, or descriptions of tools and processes that once I understood them really pushed my woodworking to the next level.

One could argue that this whole blog is that anyway, but doing a quick scan, I can see a few posts that would fit the concept, but a whole heap of others that don’t, and I’m not intending on changing the overall focus (or lack thereof) of this blog to just limit it to the first steps along the woodworking path.  Hopefully, there will be something for everyone.

I am intending to have video/podcasts to complement the WW101 entries, where applicable.  They may not come at the same time however – I don’t have time to be THAT organised!  Nor will they be in a particular order, again, that would require me to be a lot more organised than I am.

So as always, feedback, comments, critiques, requests for info or for future articles/video (podcasts), tools you would like to see etc are all welcome.

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