Site upgrade/downgrade

I’ve been talking with different people about the site/blog, and looked at it on a number of computers, and have been coming to the conclusion that the inline video option was just not working well enough to persist with. Perhaps it is my videos are too large, or I have retained too much quality (definite possibility) and so the sound in particular was very disjointed if the video was viewed while it was still downloading.

I did try the flash video option, but still wasn’t happy with the quality of the inline video, and I’d rather produce high quality. I’d still recommend anyone who is enjoying the videos to subscribe to the podcast, and so iTunes will automatically download the videos for you as I make them available.

So I have ‘downgraded’ the site, so that is no longer available. You can still click on the video and it will now open in a pop-up window.  If you find the download too slow, and seems jerky, pause the playback until sufficient content has downloaded.

There is another benefit to what I have done – the overall site loads much quicker now, and so I can have more posts available on the front page, which is another thing that was missing – too many people were not really aware of the earlier posts.

Anyway, this is still a work in progress – if you have any opinions about the changes (good or bad), please drop me a line and let me know. I can always revert back to the way it was with minimum fuss.

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