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  1. […] Stu’s Router Bit Review and then check out his site for more woodworking videos!  Email to a friend By toolcrib | […]

  2. Wow – thanks for the complement!

    With all respect to Marc though – I’d never call myself the Australian Woodwhisperer! But I do appreciate the sentiment.

    As a coincidence, around the time Marc was getting his site together, my byline on the Australian Woodwork Forums was “I hear the wood whispering, I just wish I knew what it was saying”

  3. Hi Stuart,

    Great effort on your videos, just a few suggestions you need to be a little more organised before filming. All the tools should be at your fingertips rather than looking for it. Also you need to rehearse before going on air. This way you won’t be forgetful and stuttering or word mix ups will be at a minimum.

    I hope you haven’t taken my suggestions as negative comments, you have a lot to offer and I hope you continue this noble effort.

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