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  1. Hi Stu,

    Saw your article on the Triton Wet & Dry Sharpener.

    Pauls City Hardware (Sydney) had one in stock in October for $199 which is somewhat less than the cost of a Tormek). I should have bought it then as no-one now seems to have them in stock but didn’t buy it as I would have had to carry it 2 km from the train to my place.

    The main problem with these wet and dry sharpeners is that it takes an eternity to grind a dead blunt tool. It needs to be mechanised on a set and forget basis. One solution could be:
    (a) Pass a cord from the top of the tool being sharpened over a pulley on the shed roof beam and down to ad appropriate weight (to keep the tool edge against the wheel).
    (b) Put a timer switch in the power cord to the grinder.
    (a) and (b) are the easy parts but…..
    (c) the next thing needed is a device to move the tool back and forth across the wheel. There are a couple of solutions to this:
    (1) Attach a gearbox by a coupling to the grinding wheel spindle (a good gearbox could be that from an old enclosed-gear hand drill [coupled from the grinder’s spindle to the drill’s chuck spindle and outputting to a pulley on the drill’s handle spindle – this would give the appropriate reduction ratio of about 6 to 1]. The pulley would drive through a belt to another pulley which connects to a piston bar through an offset drilled hole which connects to the tool-holding clamp on the grinder (thus converting the grinder’s rotary motion to a reciprocating motion on the tool being sharpened). For a 1:1 pulley rario this would reciprocate the tool once across the grinding wheel in 6 seconds (alterable depending on pulley sizes and distance from the centre of the second pulley to the drilled hole).
    (2) an alternative to this gearing system would be to use the motor out of a discarded microwave oven (it has a low speed and high torque but at 240 volts could be dangerous near a wet grinder).


    (PS: Unrelated but have a look at the TTTG website http://www.tttg.org.au )

  2. Hi Stu

    I notice in your video on using this product, that you mentioned removing the run-out on the grinding wheel. Can you describe the process and what type of dressing tool you used?


  3. Hi Philip,
    In a very brief description, I use a diamond dressing tool from Tormek,

    However, I have a wheel that needs dressing at the moment, so will make a quick video of the process soon so I can actually show it being done.

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